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Join Our Eight Week Training Academy to Improve Your Skills, Your Confidence, And Your Chances To Make Your School Team!

Does Your Athlete Struggle With These?

Needs Work On The Fundamentals

Excessive Turnovers

Afraid To Shoot The Ball

Lacks Arc In Jump Shot

Doesn't Play Well Under Pressure

Lacks Confidence 

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Crowns Basketball Academy

Crowns Basketball Academy is a positive youth development program that uses deliberate practice, aka “training” as a vehicle for building the mental, spiritual, and physical competencies in youth ages four through eighteen. CBA programming is built to integrate motor control processes that will foster a change in the youth’s behavior, decision-making, sports skillset, and self-esteem over eight weeks. Our tool of choice is basketball fitness training, as it has been proven to develop healthy habits and patterns in youth’s behavior that becomes second nature.

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